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Australian visas

Australian Visas

Here is a brief description of the main visa categories.


Visas covered by Destination Oz Ltd*.
  • Business Skills*
  • Employer Nomination Scheme*
  • Investor*
  • Parent *
  • Partner - Spouse | De Facto | Interdependent *
  • Child *
  • Fiancé *
  • Other Family *
  • Skilled Independent *
  • Skilled Australian Sponsored *
  • Skilled - State Territory Nominated Independent *
  • Skilled State Migration Plan*
  • Distinguished Talent


  • New Zealand Citizen Family Member *
  • Student
  • Work Permit*
Please also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions and Australian Visa and Immigration News for more information on Australian visas.

Potential Australian Visa applicants and Australian migration consultants alike have had to adapt to some pretty significant Australian visa requirement policy changes. These visa legislative amendments have been introduced, with increased frequency, over the last 18 months. Many of these policy changes have been implemented with little or no warning. Lodging a complete and correctly evidenced permanent residency application as soon as possible after identifying that you are eligible is still strongly recommended by all Australian migration agents. An application for Australian permanent residency, once received and logged by DIAC, is generally not subject to any post lodgement regulation changes.

So what are the current options and visa pathways for Australian migration?

Essentially Australian migration (permanent residency) can be summarised as falling into one of the following main categories.....

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